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Barbell Weights

What to Expect After Sign up

Verification and Forms


Once payment is received you will receive verification from PayPal noting that you purchased Shogun Athletics Travel-Fit Basic. Within 24 hours excluding weekends, we will contact you via email to start your onboarding process. This process includes new client forms such as; goals and consultation form, new client paperwork, and health questionnaire. Once the paperwork is filled out completely and we have received the forms we will either follow up with a few questions regarding your answers (via email/phone) or we will move on to setting up your account.


Setting up your account 


Setting up your account involves building your profile in our members-only training app. All online training is delivered through our app so this is one of the first steps to getting started with your training. We will set up your account on our end of the app and then send you a link where you can finish your set up.


Once your account is created the next step is to input your beginning statistics and metrics. Our app keeps track of your statistics as you progress and it is vital to have baseline measurements so you and your trainer can see your progress in the reports that are generated on your dashboard. 



"Travel-Fit Premium Members Only"


This will be where the foundation for your fitness plan is. After your account is completely set up you can receive a postural assessment and/or a movement assessment. For the postural assessment, you will upload three photos of yourself to the app so your trainer can perform the assessment. For the movement assessment, you have the option of pre-recording the assessment and uploading the video or you can pair it with your 15-30 minute consultation (via Skype). These assessments are done monthly to ensure that you are on the right path towards your goals.




"Travel-Fit Premium Members Only"


After your assessments have been reviewed your designated trainer will reach out to you via Skype or telephone (whichever you prefer) for a 15-30 minute call to gain a better understanding of what your goals are, explain what the fitness assessments found, and a general idea of what the fitness plan will look like. After your trainer goes over what they have in mind they will collect feedback and suggestions from you about how to make the plan fit you better. These calls are made monthly and will regularly be scheduled in advance.


Fitness Plan Creation


Based on all the information that we have collected from the sections above your designated trainer will craft a unique fitness plan for you that is based scientific exercise methodologies that will get you to reach your goals.


The information we collect will help us determine: 

  • number of reps and sets

  • weight for each exercise

  • types of exercises to include 

  • types of exercises to exclude

  • number of exercises per week

  • number of rest days per week

  • Type of progressions (which variable changes over time)

  • Rate of progression (the pace at which intensity increases)

  • Length of sessions

The App

The app works on iOS and Android phones as well as all desktop, laptop, and tablet computers. You can follow along in the app in real-time, or print your workouts each day and input your stats later.  At any time, you can use the app to send a message.

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